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Welcome to Yoga & Beyond

Welcome to a community of like-minded souls who are exploring their yoga journey together.

Express your true self & explore your potential.

Welcome to a place where you can be exactly who you are without judgement, just the purity of the moment. A place where you’ll learn to move the body with self-compassion & let go of expectations.

My classes encourage you to explore not only your body’s potential, but your mind’s. You’ll leave having found respect, trust & compassion for your body.

Exploring a deep relaxation as we enter a meditative state, we’ll discover different meditation styles to develop skills in mind management & self-regulation.

Weekly Yoga Classes

My weekly yoga classes are themed to ensure progression yet variety. Themes focus on an area of the body i.e the hips, or a part of the subtle body i.e the Chakras.

To honour & respect the beautiful practise of yoga, we’ll share yoga philosophy & Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) posture names will used alongside the English translation.

Class Styles

I teach a mixture of Hatha & Dynamic yoga. We’ll connect to the breath as we explore floor work, balance postures & flow. I’ll breakdown Asana for correct alignment & teach you how to link your movement to your breath. I’ll offer some simple practises that you can incorporate into your daily life.

At the end of every class you’ll be guided into a relaxation called Savasana lasting up to 10 minutes. If you wish to practise for both classes, you’ll benefit from a deeper relaxation that’ll move you in to meditation.

After every class, you’ll feel blissful, calm & OM-mazing!

6-7pm Flow Down & Breathe

A slow & stretchy practise allowing the mind to de-stress & find peace.

We’ll open up the body with stretches using the floor to support us. We’ll find the breath for a gentler flow accompanied by soft music.

Finishing with a 10 minute meditation to seal our practise, you’ll feel calm & blissful.

Feeling lethargic, tired, chilled out or super zen? This class will give you your yoga fix without working up a sweat or trying too hard.


Classes are held at Sacred Heart Community Centre in Carlton, Nottingham.


£10 for 1 x Yoga Class

£30 for a Monthly Block of 4 Classes. 1 Class held per week.


Booking is required. There are limited spaces available. A waitlist is in place.

Classes are booked & paid for here

Select the class & you’ll be directed to my third-party booking system, where you create an account to book & pay for classes.

Yoga For Children

I have launched the Yoga For Children, the Yoga & Beyond subsidiary to engage with the young minds of the community. Shaping The Next Generation is our programme currently being delivered to primary school pupils from the age of 4-11 years old. This programme is 12 weeks long and has been designed to introduce movement, expression and meditation, to infants and juniors within the Primary Schools of Nottingham.

Visit Yoga For Children page to learn more!

Maternity Leave 2023 – 2024

I am taking some maternity leave to nurture my family & grow baby number 3! We are all incredibly excited to welcome our newest addition in March 2024. In the meantime, I won’t be teaching any in-person classes, but I will be blogging & vlogging both Yoga & Lifestyle via this blog, and across my social media platforms.

Follow us on Instagram & Like our Facebook page to learn more about what we offer.

So much gratitude for your time & interest. Love & joy sent your way!

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