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Workshop For Corporate Wellness

Why Corporate Yoga?

Yoga is fast becoming a popular remedy to maintain & improve Employee Health & Wellness. Many companies are turning to yoga teachers to deliver a Wellness Workshop & Corporate Retreats. Yoga improves productivity, concentration & focus whilst decreasing stress & anxiety. Subsequently, this makes it very popular in the corporate world. Therefore, many HR teams implementing Wellness to create happy & healthy staff.

Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom
Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom

Yogic breathing (Pranayama) recalibrates & stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Therefore, by stimulating the rest & restore response, the brain is more capable of thinking critically/logically & can easily access it’s creativity. Because of it’s calming qualities, Pranayama is an essential part of any Yoga class.

In our Wellness Workshop, I’ll introduce your employees to breath control, meditation & yoga postures (asana). We’ll work through the sensations to develop the ability to feel into the present moment & we’ll stretch through the body to unwind those desk postures.

Wellness Workshop Content

Sessions can run on the same day & time each week, consecutively 2-4 day delivery, or on a monthly/weekly basis. Like the example agenda below, we specialise the content delivery plan enabling us to cover specific goals. These are discussed with Nicola in advance who’ll suggest topics.

Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom
Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom

Because our workshop content is tailored to suit the requirements of your team i.e creativity, focus & concentration, stress, fatigue/energy, meditation etc, we’ll be able to monitor results.

Our workshops are via Zoom to working-from-home staff members, via Zoom to a conference room in your office building or they can be delivered in person at your site. Because adult classes are allowed from 17 May 2021, we’ll be able to come to your office space & deliver in-person sessions to your team. All mats & props will be provided.

Programme length can vary from one off sessions to monthly, fortnightly or weekly workshops. Additionally, we can deliver Wellness Workshops for 30 minutes – 2 hours & can (at request) incorporate tasks or discussions that stimulate cognitive function. These discussion can be themed around your business to spark creativity, stimulating ideas.

Workshop Agenda Example;

Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom
Wellness Workshop Delivered on Zoom

Here, you can see an example of a four week programme created to ease bodily tension for a team that works at a desk from home.

Energise & Balance – Wednesday 21 April, 10-11am
Slow Movement & Meditation – Wednesday 5 May, 4-5pm
Fire Flow & Breath Control – Wednesday 19 May, 10-11am
Flexible Fascia – Friday 4 June, 4-5pm

Of course, these topics are customisable & therefore tailored to your teams’ needs.

“Nicola delivered a variety of themes and topics to our desk based teams. The sessions had a positive influence on energy levels, focus & productivity. We optimised the benefits of the Wellness Workshop and followed the sessions with our creative team meeting”

Lockwood Publishing Limited


The pricing structure varies based on the needs of the client. Therefore, our starting flat rate fee is £150 for up to 50 participants, for a one hour session delivered on Zoom.

  • 50 Participants
  • One Hour
  • Delivered Online via Zoom


  • 50 Participants
  • Two Hours
  • Delivered Online via Zoom


  • 50+ Participants, an additional £50
  • Delivered in person, an additional £75 + Fuel


Alternatively, please email us & we can discuss your requirements.

Encourage your teams’ self-growth!

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